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Help ID a particular commercial?

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There's a 2600 commercial featuring a little kid who's a ringer for a friend of mine. I've been looking for it for about an hour on youtube, and coming up short because I can't remember what game it was for, or if it were just an ad for the system. It's driving me batty, and it's probably an obvious one, but I figured since I'm striking out, I'd see if


All I have to go on (other than "there's a kid that looks like my friend") is that the child in question has a quintessentially late-'70s, early-'80s bowl cut, dark brown if I remember, dimples, and is probably between 7-10 years old. I seem to remember that he's sitting in a living room, maybe stairs in the background, PLAYING a game, speaking to the camera, and maybe has/references a sister. It's at the beginning of short clip, and he may not be the only kid that's featured, but is definitely near the top of the clip.


I'm almost certain it's a first-party commercial, for what that's worth, and seems closer to the "'70s" flavor than the "'80s" one.


Also, after an hour of hunting to no avail, I never EVER want to hear "the fun is back" ever again.


Just thought I'd put it out there... if anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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