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Mystery Device

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Can anyone identify the attached?


RCA type connections with a joystick port plug. The plug has the Atari logo on it. When I connect it to an A8, the red LED lights up...


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It's a soil tester for optimizing growth. Woot!


Well, then this device is obviously posted in the wrong forum. It should be listed in the "Computer Aided Farming" forum. Sheesh...

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That amazing little device can do all that and more, as long as the software is written, and proper sensors/equipment attached to the Atari Lab interface...seriously...(and no, I don't mean there's off-the-shelf equipment you can plug in aside from the starter kit and the light module), you'll have to make the sensor hardware that plugs into it and write the software to collect the sensor data and use it. The Starter kit with temperature sensor and the light module are just a couple of examples...it's a world not yet fully explored on our Atari's. As simple an interface as it is.

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