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1985 Parker Brothers catalog for the ColecoVision/ADAM and other systems

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Back in 1985 Parker Brothers sent me a nice full page color catalog in the mail with the videogames that they offered for the ColecoVision/ADAM system plus other video game systems and personal computer systems. This catalog was scanned at 48-bit color and with a resolution of 1200dpi to offer very little lose in quality. Parker Brothers was planning to release Circus Charlie for the ColecoVision, Atari 2600, and Commodore 64, but for some reason the game was canceled at the last minute. On page 6 and 7 of the catalog one can see the game retail display boxes for all 3 systems plus 3 separate ColecoVision screen shots showing the graphics quality of the game that was never released. This catalog is very detailed. On page 15 one can see the poor graphics quality of Q*bert for the Atari 2600. The Intellivision version of Q*bert has a little better graphics then the Atari 2600. The ColecoVision version appears to be the best version of Q*bert. However I have never played the Atari 5200 version yet or the Commodore 64 version of Q*bert (They appear to be very close to the ColecoVision version).

Parker Brother's catalog (table of contents).pdf

Pages 2-3 (Montezuma's Revenge).pdf

Pages 4-5 (Frogger II ThreeDeep).pdf

Pages 6-7 (Circus Charlie).pdf

Pages 8-9 (Mr. Do!'s Castle).pdf

Pages 10-11 (Star Wars The Arcade Game).pdf

Pages 12-13 (Gyruss).pdf

Pages 14-15 (Qbert).pdf

Pages 16-17 (Frogger).pdf

Pages 18-19 (James Bond Agent 007).pdf

Pages 20-21 (Popeye).pdf

Pages 22-24 (Chess).pdf

Price list was several pages (This is just the price for the videogames).pdf

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The price list is 1985, however the catalog they sent me in 1985 appears to have been made in 1984 according to the small print on page 24.


Attached is a price list from early 1985 with original list prices. Plus "Q*bert Cubes" is listed as a ColecoVision cartridge

Early 1985 price list with original list price.pdf

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I just read an article from Video Games magazine from the January 1983 issue about Parker Brothers getting into the video game industry 1 year too late. I thought it was pretty interesting so I attached a very quick scan of the article. Sorry for it being crooked...





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