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The Atari 2600 Video Computer System according to Famicom Dojo

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For the 40th Anniversary of the console's original release (9-11-1977, forgive the lateness), Famicom Dojo, featuring late AtariAge member, Vinnk, released an ~8-minute retrospective of the Atari VCS-2600 Video Computer System!



Enjoy. And if you read this, Vinnk, thanks 2600 times for the vid! ;)

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I had to razz Kevin and Sean a little when they posted this on Facebook as it got some pretty basic and sometimes obvious stuff wrong (which inevitably happens when Nintendo people talk about Atari :P), such as the "Game Level" switch (c'mon man, it says "Game Select" right there :P ) and its purpose, or the releases of Breakout and Super Breakout in relation to each other (Super Breakout did not come out first).

I always enjoy their videos, though. I especially like the ones covering subjects I'm not especially well-versed in, like NeoGeo and Famicom. :thumbsup:

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