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"Digital Archaeology: Arcadia 2001" Hosted on Website

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Ward Shrake has given me permission to host the latest version (January 7, 2003) of his "Digital Archaeology: Arcadia 2001" website. This site, in this version, has been offline for quite a few years. This site originally was hosted on Digital Press's servers (www.digitpress.com) and later at ward's own domain (http://home.att.net/~wards.game.history/arcadia/).

Think of this version of ward's website as a time capsule. It's exactly as you would have viewed it in 2003; nothing has been changed. You can view the website here:


The picture on the front page of the Arcadia 2001 site has a store that appears to have a sign that says "Prototype Thrift Shop," as you can see here:




The picture is not doctored in any way. It would be great if there was a thrift shop that only sold prototypes, but this isn't (of course!) the case here. This is a picture of two stores that are (were?) right next to each other in California. One store, I guess, creates prototypes for companies and the other store is, you guessed it, a thrift shop.

James Jacobs also hosts another version of Ward's site, which is slightly older (from Aug 18, 2002). You can view that version here:


If you want to time warp back nearly fifteen years, then check out this classic-era website! Not only will you get a glimpse into the state of where collecting for the Arcadia family stood in 2003, but you'll get a not-to-subtle reminder of the classic look of many typical amateur websites of that era.


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*click on the link* AACK! MY EYES! IT BURNS!


Great job archiving it.

It's a blast of the mast. Tho I remember that in 2003 this style was getting old. as hte copyright suggest, it's more of a style of the late 90's.

Fun time capsule tho, congratulations on preserving it!

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