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Arcade to Jaguar ports you would like to see.

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Not sure if your aware, but a good few years ago, Owen Rubin was looking for funding for a PC/Mac project with possible PlayStation 2 version, based loosely on Major Havoc.


I never heard any more on it, so assume funding was never met.


But that was the last attempt i am aware of to reboot the I.P

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At the time waiting for the Jaguars intitial release, I was really hoping for Atari Game's "Space Lords". What a groovy game that was, especialy if you could get a couple of other people to play at the same time. Disney Worlds Pleasure Island had a great multi cabinet system wired up circa 1993.


I also wanted Pole Position III, Star Raiders 3, and all the other sequelae for my hippocampus

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Another snippet from Jeff Minter where he talks about Atari saving Major Havoc for him:


(Regarding Defender 2K) It'll happen as fast as I can make it

happen, and I'll probably start at the beginning of October. I think the approach will be to glory up the scrolling, work out some coollooking

ways to show ships exploding or being otherwise destroyed, design some devious new enemy types and then some viciously-efficient death-delivery systems to allow you to deal with them, throw in a sleek and

manoeuverable starship which looks completely unlike a cow, and some

seriously ferret-bending bonus levels. Sprinkle liberally with bonuses and powerups, add a bottle of tequila and stand well back.


I would not rule out the possibility of llamas or other ungulates.


John at Atari sez they'll hold Major Havoc so I can do it after D2K.



(:-) Little fluffy clouds look a bit like sheep.


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