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Famously bad joystick for sale or trade.


I'm not sure the value so I'm looking for offers. There are a few for sale on non-U.S. ebay in $60-$100 range, with high shipping costs.


I'm not actually sure of the function of this joystick either and could use some direction on that. I can only test that it is partially functional on 2600.




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I'm looking for HERO, Montezuma's Revenge and the Game Brain module for 2600. Vecmulti for Vectrex. Always looking for high quality or obscure db9 joysticks. 15 pin gameport PC joysticks are of interest if they are small stick styles, (not big grip flight sticks).


On the higher end I'd like a "New" 3DS XL system, which is probably worth more than this joystick but could be combined somehow. I've got a non-New 3DS XL with the Circle Pad Pro XL, some other Atari joysticks, Vectrex stuff...

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