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Introducing AppleSauce. The next standard in disk preservation.

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I've been meaning to mention this here, but kept getting sidetracked with other things. Instead of regurgitating everything. I'll give the links and you can conduct your own research.


Essentially it's a thorough way of imaging disks. And the original copy protection is left in place. It also allows you to write out the WOZ and A2R formats, which hopefully will be supported in emulation.


I damned near shot a load when I read about the disk visualization. It'll help with some damaged and unpreserved disks I have. And all things considered, it's a better solution than Kryoflux, which doesn't even bother with Apple II. I never did like that anyways for a multitude of reasons beyond the scope of this thread.


Anyways, it's all here. images, video, specification in pdf, and easy-to-read writing!



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I have had a Disk ][ on the shelf for months waiting on this to be ready to buy. I want to create a Database of images with complete scans of the docs & clean (protection) in place images.

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