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Adtpro bare metal bootstrap woes...

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Hi all,


Trying to do a bare metal bootstrap of my IIe with no luck :(


Doing the audio transfer, and while I do get the transfer to finish with no apparent errors, whenever I hit 2000G (and by the way not sure why the program prompts tell you 2000 to load and then 2003 to run it?) I get the prodos text but a register dump line at the top....


I did get a normal run once, but then when I did the adt client transfer after doing 800G I again get a register line dump and it doesnt start :(


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Looks like you added more information about the hardware failures you're having over on Facebook - will watch that thread over there instead.

Yes, that’s me and added what i seem to have found about faulty RAM :(

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