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FT/FS Colecovison, NES, SNES, Saturn and More.

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I'm still narrowing down my collection to the things I really want to own. I just can't help but pick up things in the wild. Everything has a price, but I'm happy to negotiate. I like to trade, so if you have a trade list, or a few pictures of stuff you would like to trade I'd like to look. I do have somethings listed in my signature, but that is just what comes to mind as I'm looking at that page. Like most of us, I don't always know what I want until I see it :D . I'm always interested in those "How to Win at" books, video game magazines, Codemaster books, and the like from the SNES/Genesis era back.


If you would like to see more images, or have questions please don't hesitate to ask.


Everything here is tested and working as it should. Images are below the wall of text, more to come as I get to test to confirm everything is working. Next Up: Intellivision.


Prices do not include shipping.



Console: $50.00 (1 controller works great, the other has a iffy fire button, original power supply, no video cable included)

Expansion Module 1: $15

Cosmic Avenger: $13

Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom: $5

Zaxxon: $4

Centipede: $7 (no end label)

Donkey Kong Jr: $6

Donkey Kong: $6

Venture: $4

War Room: $4

Mr. Do: $6

Time Pilot: $7

Lady Bug: $5

Destructor: $8

Popeye: $6


Sega Saturn

Doom: $20 (disk only)

WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game: $16 (disk only)

Alien Trilogy: $15 (disk only)

Mortal Kombat II: $17 (disk only)

Daytona USA Championship Edition: $13 (disk only)

Guardian Heroes NTSC-J: $40

Pocket Fighter NTSC-J: $30

King of Fighters 95 NTSC-J: $10 (missing back art)

Space Invaders NTSC-J: $8

After Burner II NTSC-J: $10

Fighting Vipers NTSC-J: $10

Sega Rally Championship 1995 NTSC-J: $15

Japan Super Bass Classic 96 NTSC-J: $5

Virtua Fighter 2 NTSC-J: $7

Find Love NTSC-J: $15

Fighters Megamix NTSC-J: $5



Top Gun Second Mission: $4

Skate of Die: $4

The Legend of Zelda Gold Cart: $15 (see image, color fading?)

The Adventure of Link Gold Cart: $10 (see image, color fading?)

Ninja Giaden: $10

Q Bert: $9

Bubble Bobble: $18



Super Mario World: $9 (see image, ink on front, light name on back)

The Lord of the Rings: $10

Sim City: $7

Populous: $4

Gradious III: $25 (in box, no instructions, some other paperwork)



Mortal Kombat Trilogy: $30 (in box with instructions)

NFL Quarterback Club 98: $6 (in box with instructions, and Extreme-G poster)

Cruisn' USA: $16 (in box, no instructions, sticker on back of cart)


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FYI Replied to HatefulGravey for the following games:


WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game: $16 (disk only)

Fighting Vipers NTSC-J: $10

Japan Super Bass Classic 96 NTSC-J: $5

Find Love NTSC-J: $15

Deal has been worked out.

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