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Just won a Sharp FC twin...

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First off, it didn't come with a power supply. Any reason why something like this wouldn't work?



Second, it was sold as "untested", so I'm guessing that best case scenario, the disc belt is broken. I haven't found a lot of info on a suitable replacement. If someone has a link to a belt, it'd be appreciated.


Anything else i should know about these things? I assume a step down to 100v would be overkill?

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That power supply will work but it's probably a cheap garbage one. I'd look for something with better quality. Also keep in mind that the twin famicom is center positive which is different than most other consoles of the same era. It is also a DC only unit so don't try a Nintendo ac adapter.


For the belt, the best place to buy a belt is console5. You need to see which belt you need first though. It might be the flat or it might be the square. Twin famicoms are probably the best to RGB mod. They offer a lot of space to work and you can repurpose the RF din8 for an AES pinout with RGB. They are pretty awesome consoles.

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is what I use when we have them in stock at my store

never had a problem



as far as the belt be sure to get a silicone belt as a rubber one will end up slipping and wear ot fast just like the original


ps it can be a sob to replace the belt (out of the lots of 20 I buy at a time maybe 15 will work after just a belt replacement )

its easy to actually replace but the calibration is a pia



I recommend just buying one of these and the adapter for the sharp twin



or just buy one of these and shove the drive in your twin


also nice to have on hand to fix disks that were overwritten or erased




belts I use


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Calibration isn't to bad, I have two twin famicoms. Both needed new belts, lots of cleaning and new caps.

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