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boxcollision - easy software collision detection

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I've noticed a few people struggling with software collision detection in the past, so I went ahead and backported the boxcollision routine from 7800basic, to a bB function. It can be used to detect collisions between different height and width sprites.


Included are simple examples for the standard, multisprite, and DPC+ kernels.


Box collisions are a bit expensive, so don't try to do a bunch in one frame, or you'll run out of cycles. And if one of your objects is one pixel wide and tall, it would likely be quicker to use a simple if...then, instead of this routine.


As always, enjoy!



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I wanted to say thanks for this. About a week ago you replied to my question in another thread with a link to this post.

I found this extremely beneficial. This helped me with a better solution than I had created for my collision struggle,

In adition it helped me gain a little insight into creating my own asm file.



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I'm glad that it helped you out, and that you learned something along the way. You're welcome!

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