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6 hours ago, HOME AUTOMATION said:



Not sure if it's what you wanted...

Pairing E/A and NATURES WAY, by renaming natures way to phm3055C.BIN

Tursi, told me how to do this...
...so if it doesn't foot the bill, don't blame me.;)



phm3055G.BIN     (combined images E/A-NATURES WAY)(run in Classic99)

phm3055C.BIN 7.99 kB · 2 downloads   


This can disassemble to disk:


DISKASSEM.dsk Run DSKx.DISKASM with E/A Option 5








...using Ti99Dir, I was able to extract the text.




One disassembly issue is that data, such as headers/text/workspaces, are often interpreted as valid instructions... it takes a human eye to discern the true context.


By observing VDP pages with the DEBUGGER while pressing Q, I was able to detect activity at >VDP address >1F00.




By setting a BREAKPOINT at a value that I observed there(>55), repeatedly pressing Q again until trapping the value, than switching to CPU view, the section of programming that caused the change can be revealed!




WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ... That's amazing stuff to work with ... at the moment I followed the suggestion to use XB and then in case to compile it . At the moment I'm still working on sprite definition ... Please consider I'm really newbie a this is only a pure and unpretentious execize... but your stuff is a enourmous source of info for me ... an heartfelt thank you ...   

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On 4/16/2020 at 9:47 PM, Asmusr said:

Recreating useful source code from disassembly requires a lot of work and understanding. Maybe you should try to develop your game in Extended Basic instead? You can compile it if it becomes too slow.

I'm following your hint ... just at the begin with sprite definition ...  

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