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An absolutely stunning collection. Wow! :love:

Thanks man! I think at least my spectrevideo computer add on is from you ;) probably a couple other things too!

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That's really nice, is your boxed Halloween, Texas chainsaw, river patrol, xman reproductions. It looks like you may have a complete Activision and parker?

The halloween, Texas chainsaw and river patrol boxes are repros. Carts and manuals are real. Well I need the Halloween manual too.

x man is real and ntsc, but missing the manual. On the shelf with xman all the ones to the right of it are repro boxes or repros completely.

Also video life is a repro.

I also am missing a box for out of control and up n down.

my atari brand set is complete except for a quadrun box, it's a repro box.

I think everything else is real.

And yes, Activision and Parker bros sets are complete cib, as well as quite a few other company sets.....starpath, cbs, us games, telesys, absolute, mythicon, epyx, coleco, m network, dataage, konami, apollo, imagic, 20th century fox. All those are complete cib. It's neat because the Activision set fits perfectly on 1 shelf :)

spectrevision I just need mangia, but I do have a pal copy.

Sega i just need that up n down box.

Tigervision I just need the river patrol box.

Comma vid I need video life and magicard....I do have the sunmark release though.

xonox I have ast least 1 boxed version of every title but not every variation.


Some not in the picture are my cib set of the adult games, my sealed berenstain bears, my sealed kid vid. My cib boing, cib rescue terra 1, condor attack cart and manual, music machine real cart with repro box and manual, sealed glib, panda games, epyx games, mythicon games, bomb games, sunmark magicard, a few atari red box games....probably something else I am forgetting :)

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Thanks Bill!

That is actually the last brown box Ralph Baer made, I built a display case for it and display it at the Midwest gaming classic.

I also have nearly every odyssey item, that's another collection thread I need to make as soon as I have some time ;)

In the meantime here is a pick of it at mgc and a pic of some of my other displays there:



Hey do you go to Milwaukee every year and just display some historical gaming items or do you sell also? You have a winner with the father of video games console. Do you know how many of these he made?

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I go every year to display in the museum. Also I bring all my spare stuff for selling/trading but I don't buy a booth. Buy a few things too and play lots of games and meet some famous people and see friends I don't see often. A few guys from AA go every year :)


I think Ralph made about 12 of these. Mine was the last 1 he did I believe. I think all are in museums except for the ones his kids have, David winters, Leonard Hermans and mine :)

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