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Skunkboard auction with proto - support homebrew!

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Hello everybody,


I'm selling an original Atari Jaguar Skunkboard (with proto) to raise some funds for Starcat Devocean projects.



It's an original Skunkboard I bought back in the day when the Rev. 2 was just released. It was used to develop and test some of the Starcat Devocean games (i.e. HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim). The board has been upgraded to a Rev. 3 and has the latest firmware installed.
As a little gimmick for collectors I put two games on it: My latest release HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim which is basically the version I offer as a download, but running from Rom. And an unreleased experimental version of JagMIND: BombSquad which previously was only available on CD. This one is fully playable, but does not include sound or support saving.
I am selling this Skunkboard to get some funds to put into future Starcat Devocean projects and cover operating costs of the website such as server fees.
Frankly, I've been offering my games and other Jag related downloads such as the dev manual for free for many years now and kind of wish to get back at least *something* as a token of appreciation. I will keep things as they are even if I don't but still. If you care to know: There were a few thousand downloads over the years, compared to three digit sales of Ocean Depths back in the day and two digit sales of later releases. The donationware approach never amounted to anything sadly.
I'm kind of dissapointed that even the downloads and thus play count of my latest release (HalMock) were lower than anything I was used to.
Maybe I should have done more to promote all that, but that I don't like overhyping something. It is what it is.
The winner of the auction does not only get an original Skunkboard (in it's original cardboard box) and with the mentioned games, the support is also highly appreciated.
Don't worry, this is not the only Skunkboard I have, but the only one for sale. ;-)
I'm doing this auction to offer the skunkboard I used for development over the years to a fan or developer to hopefully make good use of it.
The money is used as support for Starcat Devocean projects.
Who is Starcat Devocean?
We're a team from Germany developing homebrew video games in our spare time. Our passion lies in retro-style games like those of the 80s and 90s we grew up with.
The team consists of my girlfriend and myself with other developers helping out on occasion.

If you like games in 2D pixel style with humor, strong focus on storytelling and oldschool game mechanics maybe you enjoy our games.

We're making video games like it's 1995.


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Do you still have another [backup] skunk, or are does this mean you are done with jag homebrew dev and will focus on different retro platform?

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Do you still have another [backup] skunk, or are does this mean you are done with jag homebrew dev and will focus on different retro platform?

He has been done with Jag development for several years now.

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As the auction ended I got about $70 extra after fees etc over what I originally paid for a reproduced skunk (incl. shipping) earlier this year.
That is actually more than I expected and I'm very thankful for that. Of course I included a little thank you note to "ultrastorm" (the auction winner).

Yeah, I still have another skunk to test my code on.

As mentioned in the auction the full sum will be put towards Starcat Devocean support, like keeping the servers up and running.

Has he?
That explains a lot. ;)

No seriously, it's true I haven't been doing much game development in recent years and I miss it.
I'm still tinkering on the Jag from time to time. "HalMock FurBall: Sink or Swim" being a late example. I'm also experimenting to build a version of "JagMind: Bomb Squad" that doesn't require a JagCD.
I love the Jaguar, always have and I do believe there are a lot of great people left in the community, but sure a lot has changed and I'm still figuring out what this means for making Jag games. It kind of feels like we wasted our time?


Sometimes I wonder what people think making homebrew games is like? This isn't a business. It doesn't pay any bills. (Maybe it does for sellers of pirated copies on Ebay, but not for us.)

Starcat Devocean is not a company, but a team. We're creatives and artists and we do what we do with what limited resources (time, energy, motivation, money) we have.

The best thing you can do to support us is enjoy what we make, spread the word, show a bit of appreciation and if you liked a game maybe consider a donation. Like buy us a virtual beer or coffee as a token of love.


Most of my time goes into earning a living as a programmer in my bread-and-butter-job and being a writer the rest of the time.
After getting out of commercial game dev it took a while until my passion in making games returned. I couldn't even stand playing games anymore.

Fortunately that's all coming back.

I never liked the commercial side of games and 'the industry'. I grew up with the homebrew spirit of the 80s and 90s. It was all about creating something awesome.
Over the years I've learned how hard it is to make time for creative work next to a busy workday earning a living. And to justify doing so in front of family, friends and even myself.
Somehow it's even more difficult to explain what it means to be a creative, even moreso a homebrew developer to somebody who is looking forward to a game and may not have the same background.
I had to realize that there is no way for me to earn a living being a creative. Not because I'm no good, people happily take my work, but because there is no way to get paid a decent wage. Or not be treated like dirt.

That only leaves my spare time for creative work. Which means things take long.
There are many people with awesome projects out there. Too many to really get noticed. But only Gavia and I can make OUR games. Just like nobody else can do my writing for me.

This isn't a race and for us it's all about making our games. They may not be perfect and they may not be what you expect. But if we feel something is a good idea maybe others enjoy it too.

So since earlier this year Gavia and I have been working on new ideas together as Starcat Devocean.
These are 2D or simple 3D retro style games. Kind of a reimagination of 1995 spirit with strong focus on gameplay and story.
They are different from what I did before.
They are not for the Jaguar at this point and I don't think I will create another exclusive game, simply because development is much more effective on modern platforms from a creative point of view.
Which means two things: Higher quality and lower development time. Something might actually get finished. Something might even find it's way back if it's in any way feasible, I don't know at this point. First comes the game.

As a fan I can somewhat relate that you may *want* to see new titles released for the Jaguar. I do, too.
But I can't relate anymore to only care for a game if it's on one specific platform. Not in the age of gaming platforms being literally everywhere.
If I care about a game the platform is only a question of access. I care about playing that game and I hope you do, too.

Maybe you think different. In that case our games are probably not for you and that's fine, too.
But those of you who are in it for the fun, not just for the collecting, they'll be able to play Starcat Devocean games on a platform they already own.

Even tough I worked in Unity on professional games before, I never really considered it to make retro-style games until then.
It's awesome. We can quickly try an idea without much hassle. Perfect for prototyping.

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