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Aaron the Aardvark (WIP)

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This game is #1...alphabetically.


Aaron the aardvark goes back and forth across the screen. To control him, press A. To jump while controlling him, press B. When controlling him, press C to give control of Aaron back to the computer. This is just an Easter egg for the title screen. I will make it so pressing OPTION starts the game. Well, to start the game there will be options to choose from, so it only seems fitting. The only trouble is: I have no idea for a game. I just did this the past few days because I was bored of everything else I was doing. And yes, I will add some music to the title screen when I get around to it.


Perhaps I will make it an "Oranges" type game where the object is to avoid stuff coming at you. Maybe not. Does anyone have a game idea they'd like to see on the Jaguar involving aardvarks?


Download here:




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Added the beginning of a wave system. Wave 1 is the UFOs slowly go down, wave 2 is the UFO goes left and right, and wave 3 is the UFOs go down a little faster. A wave starts when the score is a multiple of 20. Right now, that's all I have so far.

At some point, I would like to have more than one UFO on screen, and have the UFOs shoot at Aaron.

Link to the game is in my signature.

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