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my emulation arcade tabletop cabinet

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This is a side project I poke at now and again when I get bored, since I have all the emulation capabilities in like 4 forms as it is (wii, xbox, pc, pi)


oh about summer 2015 I picked up a busted to hell icade at the 99 cent goodwill outlet, it sat on the shelf in my garage for over a year


summer 2016 I made panels to box it in


winter 2017 I installed a netbook in it, along with a 3 amp 18 volt power supply


summer 2017 I replaced the stock buttons and stick with a short zippy arcade stick (which required an adapter plate so yay basic fab work) with a green knob, and convex arcade switches


winter 2018 I replaced the side art with woodgrain car vinyl and added inkjet stickers (which are not great but they look ok Iguess) along with adding the same woodgrain to the screen insert and a plexiglass cover. I added speakers and amp from a pair of USB powered el-cheap-o computer speakers. And I fried the supplemental 5 volt supply with reverse polarity


summer 2018 I fixed the fried audio amp and its power supply, and even though its like a total of 5 watts, in that boxed in icade its loud as hell, started working in the marquee backlights which is eh done but needs some tidying up


next steps from today forward, I need to tidy up the backlight wiring, hook the backlight and the audio amp to a relay so they are only on when the computer is on. replace placeholder marquee graphic with real deal one (currently its just laser print on typing paper, and its scratched all to hell) and finally I think I will be done




Customized Icade, 8 way short joystick, 10 buttons (8 action + start + select)

Acer Espire, single core 2 thread intel atom 1.6Ghz, 1gb ram, intel 915 graphics, 160 gig IDE hard disk running lakka

9 inch 1024 x 600 TFT LCD

18 watts power consumption including screen, 5 watt audio amp, and LED lighting






edit: when I got the audio amp working again I thought I should turn this all the way down, and proceeded to turn it all the way up, DOH

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Very nice, never seen a non-trashy looking iCade shell either. :) Smart move using the netbook for the guts of it as they do have enough power to pull off something like you were after for certain. Strangely enough with the USB ports still intact one could still use it as a computer too with an external keyboard and mouse which would be nice in a pinch.

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