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My new FreHD in a custom enclosure

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Finally picked up a FreHD for my Model III and it's definitely a slick piece of hardware.

Right off it needed a case and the generic Chinese wall-wart needed to go.


Decided I wanted something that would look period correct for a TRS-80.

Set the Wayback machine to 1973 and picked up this nice case from Radio Shack.




Used a cutting wheel on a Dremel for the SD slot and then finished with a file.

The Read/Write/Power LED holes were done with a Whitney Punch and the holes covered from behind with a white translucent tape for a finished look. Also put a divider between the board LEDs so there's no light bleed between them.

Added a nice Mean Well power supply and switched the line voltage so the power supply is dead when turned off...also used a grounded line cord.

Really happy with how everything fit up just right.




The face is pretty much a dead on match for the battleship grey and the black sides match the disk drives and keyboard.

Originally I put in a blue LED for the power indicator but realized blue LEDs didn't exist until around 1990, so I put in a red one.

And yes...you need a key to fire it up! :)





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