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CF7+ question.

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11 hours ago, F.G. Kaal said:

I don't have this version of CF7A+ so I can't know if it will work with Ti99Hdx server. The previous version had a spare CRU bit I could use in Cf2k to turn the bus arround (Read or Write) I really don't know if that (same) CRU bit is still availalable in this version.


There are different components used so I really can't tell if this newer version is working the same as the older versions.


You also need a real parallel port on your PC/Laptop. It doesn't work with a USB-Parallel converter. If you don't have a real parallel port then you could try the Arduino Parallel to serial converter mentioned on my website here http://www.ti99-geek.nl/Projects/ti99hdx/ti99hdx_cf7a+.html



Fred ;-)

Hallo Fred,


thanks for the reply.


I got a response from Custodio Malilong. He said, he's going to check the connection with the newer CF7+ version.


Let's wait and see - I'll report back.


EDIT: I do have an old parallel port 🙂 - I know, PIO bit-banging with USB isn't possible.

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