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I have a 65c02 on order from Outer Mongolia somewhere...not sure where it is, but instead I received one from a different source closer to home... So CloneE is having his last night as a 6502 and preparing for a brain transplant tomorrow.  Exciting stuff, I hope this solves some of my software issues with him.


I have also splurged and bought a Saturn 128k reboot from David Mutimer, it arrived post haste and is working beautifully.  I had in mind this thing would work as a ram drive.... but perhaps thats just in DOS3.3 not ProDOS...


I have also received my bits and pieces to assemble my 232Wifi dongles, but I'm now in two minds what to do with them.  I'm half inclined to assemble one as a wifi232, and attach the second ttl->serial adapter to a Pi and try my slip/ppp -> Pi as router and speak to the rest of the internet.  Decisions, decisions. 


Last but not least, I have in my possession a IIgs, I haven't lifted its lid yet, not wanting to look the gifthorse in the mouth, but it has 2Mb in it, I think its a ROM03, came with Kb, mouse, and a UniDisk but no monitor, so it going to have to share composite with CloneE for now.  But I have to make a set of GS/OS disks for its owner, who's having grief with a second GS lurking in ProDOS and being unable to get the archive extractions done.  All fun and games.


I'll also not have any excuses for not getting more software into the BBS too now. Cheer, I'll be able to check it, and make sure its all good instead of having to guess.  Especially the A2 stuff which stands a bit neglected at the moment. 



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