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TI99/4A black screen no sound

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Hi Guys,

Reposting here as first request was posted on wrong section.



Today I had to open my TI99/4A because there were a lot of video glitches on screen (top half part of the screen with a pink overlay and sometimes a lot of video glitches popping out). It turned out to be the cart connector making bad contacts. After a good cleaning and a test on the fly all seemed to work again but after re-assembling the machine then the TI99/4A will not power up anymore :-(. All I have is a black screen(no sound). I am maybe suspecting the power switch contacts having gone bad. How can I test it and how can I clean the switch? Is there any reference for a suitable replacement?

PS : The machine has the 32K mod hard wired in it and done by myself so could be also that a bad soldering somewhere is preventing a good start up.




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