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FO: Jag/TG16/3DS Special Edition Consoles

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Greetings everyone,


Due to some bad luck and a less than serious car accident, I need to raise some money to pay for the insurance deductable. I dont have any prices in mind so feel free to shoot me offers via PM. I'm normally a regular on GameTZ (same name as here) so if you want to look at my feedback you're more than welcome. Also, please let me know if I'm doing this incorrectly. I'll also be updating this as the week goes on so expect more items and better formatting.


I wont put prices on all of the games since anyone can use VGPC, but I will update with pictures as I can. I do a lot of field work so I'll update in batches as I can.





Another World CIB - Got this from the second run. Pricing this is hard because I see a wide range, but they seem to start at about $400.


TG-16 (all games CIB but without the cardboard sleeve)

Console w/cords and controller

Turbo Booster - would prefer to combine with the console. $200 + shipping for both.

Bloody Wolf

Bonk's Adventure

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

TV Sports: Football




Black Zelda 3DS console only, no charger

Gold Zelda New 3DS with box and charger


Atari Computers

Atari 600XL CIB - $100 + shipping

Games to come...

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Please post some pictures and work on prices, asking for offers from buyers is going turn a lot of people off.

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