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[In Store!] Dare Devil

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Well Dare Devil is now available in the store and I have to say, @Albert has done a great job bringing not just Dare Devil but a great line up of homebrews to the store this year. 


I'd like to say a big "thankyou" to all the folks who tested Dare Devil and provided feedback and helped me to polish it and squish bugs. I'd also like to thank the folks that make the tools and addons that empower folks like me to make homebrew games and those who give up their time to help and answer questions - this often goes over looked so thanks to you guys too!.


Thanks in no particular order :


@batari - for the fantastic Batari Basic.

@mksmith - for ADS & TIA Tracker support.

@SpiceWare - for the SFX driver support.

@Atariboy2600 - the fantastic box and label art.

@RevEng - super title screen kernel.

@RushJet1 - the perfect title tune


+ the many folks who tested and provided some feedback or help. 



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