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Looking for Various Azgard Adventures

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So, the release of "Adventure at lake Santeetlah" got me thinking about various adventures for the TI-99. As far as I can remember, Azgard Software released a variety of adventures for the TI, some of which (maybe all of them?) used the classic TI-99 Adventure module. I've looked everywhere online to find digital copies of these games. Does anyone know where I can find them?

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I have several of them myself, including:


- Rattlesnake Bend

- Zoom Flume

- Castle Darkholm

- Wizard's End

- Witch's Brew

- Oliver Twist


Here they are in a zip file, on DSK format: Asgard Adventures.zip


I don't think I've won any of them personally except Castle Darkholm, which is not a complicated one because it burns MOST of the memory on absolutely enormous amounts of descriptive text. It's kind of nice though in that regard, because it's trying to do something different with the engine.


Wizard's End is the weirdest one, because you rotate between three characters as you explore a dungeon in an AD&D style adventure. The manual offers a decent background but the game is clearly more limited than it presents. (It lists several AD&D spells for example, but notes that "not all of them may be present in game")


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Asgard released half a dozen or so adventures for the Adventure module: Zoom Flume, Oliver's Twist, Rattlesnake Bend, and several others. I think I have original copies of all of them. Adamantyr beat me to the post--he named all six of them. They also released some standalone graphics adventures: Legends and Legends II.

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