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Skunkboard serial EEPROM mod

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Hey folks,

for a recent project I needed a serial eeprom on my Skunkboard (for saves). Here are some pictures of what I did if you want to try it yourself. You should be skilled at soldering and do this at your own risk.


It’s a very basic mod and only the first 128 byte slot of this eeprom is used like a single game would. But it works fine if that’s all you need.





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The "To the Article" link on the page just takes you to the same page? I assume that's not correct (can't see anywhere where you state which wire goes to which pin on that page).


I'd recommend soldering on a socket also rather than direct to an EEPROM, that way you can always change it up later or have diff EEPROM for diff projects.


(Side note, some of the revisions of EEPROM will need the data width selection pin setting appropriately, older revisions didn't)

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nice one, I'm going to install EEPROM also.

IIRC there are two different versions. Which one do you recommend?

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