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IRATA.ONLINE: PLATOTerm99 for TI-99/4A now accessible via TIPI

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It's still in development, lots of bugs, which I am actively squashing, but in the interest of keeping everything compulsively public, I am copying (and updating) the latest build of PLATOTerm99 onto IRATA.ONLINE's web server, which can be loaded directly via TIPI, here:




Currently, it is set to automatically connect to IRATA.ONLINE. Just run it.


Thanks to arcadeshopper for helping me test and make sure that it works enough for basic use. Thanks to jedimatt42 and the guys working on tipi for making an excellent device and ecosystem.


Thanks to everyone who will be testing.


The key map can be seen here, scroll down:



Enjoy, it will be seeing rapid polishing over the next couple of weeks, especially once my TIPI/32K arrives.



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I won't be using TIPI, but rather standard RS232. I'll be logging in for the first time tonight. I was having modem issues yesterday, but I just talked with Greg and he says he got it up and going on his TI.... so I'm next. :)

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cool ok :)


I will be debugging the terminal like crazy over the next couple of weeks, lots of polishing, especially once I get my actual hardware in shape.


(waiting on my TIPI/32K)





(and yeah, I am buying and borrowing hardware specifically for this project)



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