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FYI - Will be posting many games for sale/offer soon

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I will update this when the list is finished. It will consist of many Collectorvision titles I've acquired over the years. More often than not, the games I've sold in the past have been for offer (I think, it's been awhile), but I might do both. If you're of the people who hate "for offer" listings, I understand and sorry I can't help you.


If anyone is looking for a specific title before I have my list and link to the Buy/Sell posting done, just PM me.




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Preliminary list, not 100% complete, I don't think. Ones with multiple versions, I need to confirm which I have.. but this list is a good start:


1 - Bagman (US arcade)

2 - Bomb Jack (US arcade)

3 - Bomb'n Blast (newer, US arcade)

4 - CAT S.O.S.

5 - Castle boxset (The Castle & Castle Excellent)

6 - Comic Bakery (US artwork)

7 - Computer Space & Pong boxset

8 - Digger

9 - Drol

10 - Dungeon & Trolls (US artwork)

11 - Electric Adventures Classics (US arcade artwork)

12 - Elevator Action (US arcade)

13 - Flapee Byrd

14 - Galaga (US arcade)

15 - Hang-On (US arcade)

16 - Heli Fire (US arcade)

17 - Hole in One

18 - Jawbreaker II

19 - Kung-Fu Master

20 - Light Grid Racing (sketch artwork & signed)

21 - Lode Runner (US arcade)

22 - Mario Bros.

23 - MazezaM

24 - Memotech MTX Series Vol. 1

25 - Mindwalls (US arcade)

26 - Moon Patrol (US arcade)

27 - Mr. Chin (2013 re-release, US arcade)

28 - Nibbli Son of Nibbler (US arcade)

29 - Pippols

30 - Rip Cord

31 - Robee Blaster (US artwork)

32 - Roller Ball (US arcade)

33 - SASA

34 - Side Trak (US arcade)

35 - Smurf Challenge

36 - So, You Want to Be a Knight?

37 - Spunky's Super Car! (US artwork)

38 - Star Soldier

39 - Strip Poker

40 - Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe

41 - Tank Challenge (US artwork)

42 - Telebunny (US artwork)



Will update ASAP

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Will reply ASAP, weekends are crazy.


Just checked the Mario Bros. and it's the 2013 green cart.





Also add:


43 - Zanac (CBS)

44 - The Way of the Exploding Foot (CBS)

45 - Starship Defence Force (CBS)

46 - Jumpland (CBS)

47 - Earth Defend 2083 (CBS)


I think that's everything.. will check on versions when I can, and reply to PMs ASAP


re-edit: some are still sealed and I mentioned that in the PMs I replied to.

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