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Leafer Madness by Charlie Kulas

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Charlie Kulas (who programmed the 8-bit version of Up'n Down and Musical Pilot) sent me some disks, which I was able to read. In our interview, Charlie mentioned Leafer Madness, a game that he started to write. It was demo'd at some publisher's booth at CES, and received a couple hundred orders, but the publisher vanished before Charlie finished the game.


Well, thanks to him, we now have a playable demo (with music!), and the complete assembly source code. Check it out. Or, someone could dive in and make it a complete game.


Some screenshots:






I also found some concept graphics for Number Castle, a proposed educational game. Charlie doesn't think he did any code for this one.






The ATR-format disk images are attached.

Leafer Madness Ramdisk DEMO 1984-07-31.atr
Boot with BASIC disabled, it shows a title screen with bouncing letters. Press START. Joystick to control caterpillar. Move the caterpillar around, avoid spiders.
Leafer Madness Scroll Demo side A.atr
boots to OS/A+. Many files to explore. According to label, type SCROLL.OBJ then RUN 3100 but that crashes for me.
Leafer Madness Scroll Demo side B.atr
boots to OS/A+. Many files to explore.
Number Castle Picture.atr
boots to Koala Micro Illustrator. Several pix on the disk, including Leafer Madness background and Number Castle concept graphics.
Leafer Madness Dev Backup #1 1983-12-23.atr
Leafer Madness Dev Backup #2 1983-12-23.atr
Leafer Madness Dev Backup #3 1983-12-23.atr
Many files across these three disks, seems to be Mac 65 source code for Leafer Madness.
UPNDOWN unprotected 1984-09-28.atr
seems similar to commercial release. Bad sectors 181-198. Didn't worry about them because UPNDOWN is already preserved.
Musical Pilot ver 1.6.atr
seems similar to APX release
Dig in and post what you discover!
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Rad Thanks Kevin. I was curious about this when you tweeted about it. I look forward to trying the demo of Leafer Madness it looks trippy.

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I can't believe it, Kevin did it again! A game droped as a demo, now can be altered as a game due to the available soure code. So, we are able to make the dream alive.


Kevin, again(!) endless thank youuuuuuuuuuu! :-)))))



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As always, please thank the author for us and a huge thank you to you Kevin for the hard work, time and effort in finding these people and archiving it..


Amazing stuff...

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Charlie sent me another batch of disks! In them, we seem to have:

 - source code, art, and a semi-working demo of unfinished educational software called Discovering Music

 - source code for a game called Wurmz which I haven't been able to run but might be like the Snake game?

 - some BASIC and ML development/idea test programs (see disks CK, Utility)

 - copies of Ballbalzer and Behind Jaggi Lines that require a weird two-step loader to run. (read the disk labels in "other peoples' software.jpg" for instructions)


I've only given these a cursory look. As always, let us know what you discover!




Discovering Music2.png

Discovering Music1.png



Discovering Music.jpg


other peoples' software.jpg

Kulas disks batch 2.zip

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