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Edladdin Coleco PCB as the exception to the universal joystick.

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Hey @edladdin, I posted something on https://forums.shoryuken.com/t/wiring-an-edladdin-coleco-pbc-to-a-machine-that-accepts-a-cthulhu/586552 about using an Edladdin Coleco Joystick PCB with an existing fight stick and one major stumbling block, ie Dual Grounds. Since there are no fighting games, and this is an issue that needs help from both the fight stick makers at Shoryuken, as well as the Pre-NES enthusiasts or AtariAge, half of you might miss it. But it might interest you because it’s Coleco-specific. So comment either place.


By the way, I’m a noob with enough new ideas, but is not sure of the practicality. i think the work some of the more prominent people do is worth paying decent money for. I ordered a Re-pro Jag Pro controller. I plan to order 2 Intellivision converters once @7800fan decides to show himself. He says he’s got everything, he just needs time to put it together, and had a personal situation which is delaying him, and it’s not a slow boat from China.


Click the above link to see me try to work out questions of a universal stick that includes and Edladdin Coleco PCB, a Toodles MC Cthulhu, a Bohoki 5200 adapter, and a few pad-hacked PCBs.

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