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im looking for an emulator that supports F18A video

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<< CLICK HERE >> for Classic 99 written by Tursi, one of the heavy-weight in the TI community here at AtariAge.

Everything necessary to run it is included in the package. In my opinion it's the easiest to setup and run, and does darn near everything. It's my personal favorite.

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i already have this emulator but the F18A isnt finished and it doesnt work with this game

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an amd a10 3 ghz quad core with 8 gigs of ram and a 6 core gpu


I have been developing js99er on this for the last few years:



If this is what you have it's a bit slower but not much, so I'm surprised if js99er is really slow:



If it's a laptop, then plug it in. Also make sure it's not running anything else CPU intensive, like Microsoft anti malware tool.


You can also try to try if the old version of js99er performs better:


That worked fine on my previous generation of CPU.

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I forgot to mention that for performance reasons you have to use Chrome or Firefox. It works in Edge, but at my computer it's running at something like half speed.

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