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WTB: Atari Mega STe or 1040 STe

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What's going on everyone, I'm looking to purchase a refurbished/upgraded Atari Mega STe (preferably US model) with US (or UK) Keyboard or a US 1040 STe.


The unit must be in great condition internally and externally and DMA (specifically Sound DMA) must be fully functional.


Please PM me if you have one available for sale and we'll go over further details (pictures, pricing, etc.)

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There’s a UK 1040 STe on eBay. You need to swap out the power supply or run it with a power converter of some kind. It seems to be in really nice condition.


I have no affiliation with this auction. Just passing on what I found. :)


Edit : just found this one on eBay too.




Same still holds with the power supply and you can easily upgrade the RAM to 4 MB.

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I believe Im selling what you are looking for. 1040 STE. If it shows [removed] , just let me know, I didnt have a price listed at the time, so the post had to be edited. 



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