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Adopting two 520 STe machines

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You are correct.


Looking at J100 from the front, left to right, Pins are 1-6. (+5, +5, Gnd, Gnd, Gnd, +12)


Zoom in on the Pinout.jpg for details. It shows an ST board but it is the same for the STE's.




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On 3/11/2019 at 1:08 AM, atarian1 said:

Excuse my electrical ignorance...Did you have to be aware of connecting the ground holes to the power supply bracket? What happens if you rotated it 180 degrees so that you mount it with the non-grounded holes? I don't recall doing that when I fitted non-Atari power supplies to the bracket. But then, that was ages ago...

I thought this was a great question, so I did some digging...


On page 4 of the manual is a reference to grounding points M1 and M2.  M1 is safety ground, and it REQUIRES grounding.  Also, M1 and M2 should be connected to chassis ground as well for "better EMC performance".



Meanwell RPD60.png

Meanwell RPD-60-SPEC.PDF

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I’ve been working on a RetroPie setup for my nieces and haven’t had time to give my adopted U.K. 520STE any love. I finally got around to swapping out the power supply so that I could finally power it up.


It lives!


I think the drive is dead, but I sort of expected that. I have a Gotek ready to go into it anyway, but I was thrilled to see it power up and boot into color and monochrome modes.


Next in line is to clean it thoroughly, work through all of Exxos’ mandatory fixes, install my dual TOS adapter with U.S. TOS 1.62/2.06, install the Gotek, swap in a U.S keyboard, upgrade the RAM to 4MB then, finally, swap out the case badge for an original Atari 4160STE upgrade case badge. December is going to be a fun month!





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