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Even recently if you got a game and you wanted to print up the cover for the case you got it was easy. But not now, many of the sites I use to get covers from are permanently down. The list is seemly endless, and before you say The Cover Project I don't know what is going on with that site. I tried to join for years, I have sent repeated emails to its admin and nothing. Speaking of nothing the last email I sent to them got kicked back my email server said address not found.


I am a huge fan of the PSP and I am very frustrated with this, as the lack of information about a lot of PSP stuff no one covers anymore or is just about impossible to find. One of the reasons I started up my own PSP blog https://psphardcore.blogspot.comI am so frustrated I began posting my own cover scans. I wish I didn't have to do this but seemly I have no choice. I checked out every site I could to find cover art and except for The Cover Project and 1 or even 2 other sites. My search results are zero covers found. Unless someone has found the Pot of Gold when it comes to complete cover scans (Not just the front cover) I guess I have no choice but to continue.

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