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Anyone interested in SABA#19 and/or SABA#20?

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Haven't taken any pictures yet, boxed items.
Got the in a "lot", don't want to strip them into Multi-Carts.


The SABA#20 is a proper chess game, has different difficult settings and a LED in the label area indicating the video game is busy calculating how to beat you the most humiliating way.

Images from my Channel F gallery - not the actual item for sale:




SABA#19 is exactly the same as Channel F Videocart #23 - Galactic Space Wars.

Different labels and box of course. This is a double title that also has "Lunar Lander" on it.
If you have a hard time finding a #23 and want a playable copy - get this one.

Images not showing the actual item:








If you'd like to make bid or just announce you're interested, let me know.
I'll take some proper images soon and make a proper ad if needed.
These aren't that easy to find in the wild and are usually overly expensive on eBay.com


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