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So I was thinking about what I could do about Frank the Fruit Fly and saving. Then it occurred to me: Passwords. But how could I do passwords when I have the health to worry about? Incorporate them into the password. So I made a password screen to enter the passwords in. Pressing B at the title screen makes Frank move left and goes to the password entry screen.

This is just a test, I was planning on making it better looking, but I don't know how. At the beginning of the second level a password shows up. So I had to make the level start by pressing A so you get more time to write down the code (or whatever.) On the password screen, pressing A enters a number, pressing B erases a number, and pressing C goes to the game. If a password doesn't work, it just goes to level 1.

Frank is the cursor in this, pressing left and right moves him under a number. But using it in a real Pokemon Mini, sometimes when moving Frank right, he skips a space or two, and I don't know why that happens because it works fine in the emulator.

So I saved Frank. Not the way I had hoped (I think passwords are kind of lame, but I guess needed when even the big official companies don't want to pay extra for batteries). Plus, I can still test it with Ditto Mini without having to worry about whether it will work on a real Pokemon Mini or not.

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