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Automatic data statements in Basic

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Just browsing some old disks and came accross this little gem, I wrote it in 1986 to help create Data statements in basic for USR calls.


It allows you to type the data as normal except you press Space or Return after each data element, after 8 lines it enteres the data into the program

and then allows you to continue, pressing ESC completes the input.


It also reads object files from disk and enters them automatically, it throws to first 6 bytes away as these are not needed, for both input types.

On completion, it asks for a filespec to save the data. 


This file can then be "Entered" into your basic program when needed.


You specify the line numbers and line step.


I wrote it for a friend who liked to write in basic but used a lot of machine code routines, for file input, there can be no 'typos'


Probably not much use these days, but thought I would share.

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