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atari2600land's Blog - Oh well.

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So I've been spending a long long time with INTYBasic these past few days. First I was going to create a game kind of like Castle of Doom only with a top down perspective. But I couldn't get the guy to move correctly. So then I thought "4-Tris is now in the hands of trolls who charge $500 or so on eBay, how about I make an obtainable version of that?" So that's what I've been doing today: Making a version of Tet**s on the Inty.

Mine is called "Oh well." And since the well is only about half the height it should be, I don't know if I should go any further. Thinking of this as a challenging version of You-know-what-game or not. I got one shape in there. And you can turn it with the button. And you can move it left and right and even down. You'd think making a game like this would be easy, but no. It's way harder programming this than it looks.

Making the blocks move left and right and blocking the blocks if other blocks are in the way. Same with down. And if the block can't move down further, making a new block appear at the top. What's really going to be challenging is programming the turning of all the other blocks (well, except the cube. It can't turn.) Just something to do to widdle the time away until my Channel F comes in the mail.


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