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Stuff to Trade: looking for some c= stuff

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Hey, thinning the heard and I thought I would put the stuff up for trade before selling.


These are the things I would really love:


-PET 2001-8 (Chicklet goodnewss)

-Amiga 1011 disk drive

-C64 synth cart and keyboard

-Modern c64 PS (Ray Carlsen or modern over-voltage protection equivalent)

-Boxed Amiga and C64 games (Disks, cart, cassette)

-Odd commodore stuff (Phone, file cabinet, shcwagg, calculators)

-Amiga 600

-Maybe the right A1200?

-Turbo Chamelon

-1541 II ultimate

-EasyFlash III

-Other interesting c64 carts

-A600 accelerator

-Mac PDS apple IIe card and cable

-Mac SE/30 ethernet card(s)


What I have to trade:



-Apple IIgs, 1.25mb ram, battery replaced, rom 1, great case (no keyboard/mouse)

-Uthernet II

-CF microdrive

-Apple RGB display, great case and picture

-2x Apple Platinum 3.5 disk drives

-2x Apple Platinum 5.25 disk drives



-CBM II, B-128, perfect shape, owners manual

-CBM II diagnostic harness (fuctional replica)

-Amiga SUPER 1000, Vampire II 500+, case has some scratches and custom badges. Broken tab on RAM door (of course), Original manual, some original disk, Plipbox (w/ cool custom case), HDMI and SDcard are routed to the outside, 32gb cf w/ fresh CoffinOS install (Gold2.10). Original keyboard/mouse. All working great!



-Atari 800, 48K, looks great! No PS

-Atari 400, 48K, looks great! No PS

-Atari 810, floppy drive, little yellowing on front, but still lopking great, original box

-Atari 410, Cassette drive, some yellowing, needs belt set, original box

-Atari 1027 Printer, looks great, unknown functionality, original box


Atari Books:

-De Re Atari Anno Domini MCMLXXXI (A guide to effective programming), Very Nice binder

-Inside Atari BASIC, fair condition

-The Atari BASIC Source Book, Nice Binder

-Compute's Second Book of Atari, Nice Binder

-Compute's Third Book of Atari, Nice Binder

-Your Atari Computer, Taped binding

-The Atari Assembler, Nice binding

-Mapping the Atari, Nice binding


Atari Software:

-Submarine Commander, Nice box, manual, cart (nice shape)

-Jumbo Jet Pilot, Nice box, manual cart (nice shape)

-Pacman, cart and manual

-Eastern Front, cart and manual

-Mig Alley Ace, disk and manual

-Computer War, disk and manual

-Chopper Chase, disk and box (fair shape)

-Flight Simulator II, Box, manual, disks, (fair shape)

-AtariWriter, manual, quickref, and cart

-2xBASIC carts

-PILOT Programming language, cart only

-Assembler editor, cart only

-Pole Position, cart only

-Star Raiders, cart only

-Missle Command, cart only

-Qix, cart only

-Space Invaders, cart only

-Computer Chess, cart only

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Couple more items to add... :


Apple II books (All great books!):
-Applesoft BASIC Programmers Reference Manual (Apple Computer's hardbound book, old of course but in good shape)
-The new Apple II User's guide (Like New)
-Assembly Lines: The complete book (Like New)
-Sophistication and Simplicity: THe Life and times of the Apple II Computer (Like new)

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