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New Atari BBS Up and running on Forem ST

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Hello all: Maybe this should go in the Atari BBS section, but I have a new Atari BBS called SPY Visits Spy BBS, actually I have been announcing it for months now, but it is up and running at 1-226-647-0710. It is dialup for now, as soon as I figure out how to get Telnet running in the background I will add that too.... 


Just a preamble on the BBS, it is a rehash of my old BBS from the 80s and 90s of the same name, there are 12 message base, like , The Spy's Den, Poke and Joke, Buy and Spy, Friends of The White Spy , Friends of the Black Spy, Friends of The Master-Spy (That's me)…., Atari ST Technical Tutorials, Atari 8 Bit Tutorials, Atari 8 Bit Club, Atari ST Club , Atari Falcon Club, and of course Atari ST, Mega and Falcon Coders. I am not sure just what content I can put on it video wise but there are lots of door games. Oh boy , are we gonna have fun here ! Maximum speed is 28800, I have a 28800 modem, a US-Robotics modem. Maybe some kind soul can help me test it out and get it running smoothly, it will be dedicated to Atari 24/7. Russ


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