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ShopGoodwill Off the Rails?!

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3 hours ago, orrko8791 said:

That Is Definitely a Factor,As Sixersfan105 Mentioned Shipping Can Be Too High As Well

I just checked one of your ebay auctions- and spoiler alert- Title Case!




Sorry if this feels like picking on you.  Just consider it publicity for your ebay auction - 😁

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Every time I hear Goodwill and videogames I think of a collector/reseller I once knew who took a job at Goodwill entirely to poach incoming donations to pad his collection or to flip. I've always since figured that only a small portion of "the good stuff" that comes in to any particular store gets poached, most of what's left ends up on Shopgoodwill, and what doesn't go there doesn't last long when it does hit store shelves because professional flippers are always raiding their local thrift stores.

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I think it’s just the same old eBay “I must win“ the auction bid war mentality. You can still find some pretty good deals on there as a guy recently bought an Atari 1040 STE computer for like $70 on there which is an insanely good deal.

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