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FS: Atari 1050 Disk Drive x 2

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I've got two Atari 1050s I'm looking to unload. Please PM me with interest and any q's. The first 5 pictures are of the "drive only" 1050 and the final 10 pictures are the "new in box" drive. Here are the details:


Atari 1050 Complete in Box - $120 with free USPS Priority Mail Shipping

This was sold to me as "Brand New in Box" but who knows. There is some clear water damage to the outer box itself. I personally "broke the seal" on the tape holding the two inner Styrofoam pieces together. The manuals are still sealed in their bags and the disk drive itself is bagged. The power supply is in its original box. The drive itself looks great and still has the seal across the metal nameplate. I tested the drive on my XE Game System and could not get it to work fully. I'm able to get some games to load to their title screens but no further. I'm assuming it can be fixed but I honestly just don't have the time to open it up and fiddle around.


Atari 1050 Disk Drive "drive only" along with SIO cable and brand new OEM power supply in its original box - $80 with free USPS Priority Mail Shipping. Works great!!!


Let me know if you have any q's!
















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Giving this a little bump, as no deals have come to fruition despite the initial interest. Certainly willing to entertain offers if my prices don't work for you. Thanks.

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