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Atari 7800 parts help!!!!

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I have a roku 55 inch 4k led tv and I do not own a CRT. I have it hooked up via yellow,white,red connected to the tv with a yellow,white,red cable connector plugged into the composite port on tv. https://www.amazon.com/Roku-composite-cable-yellow-models/dp/B01LZ6FZAA

It was weird for me at first cause I was always so used to just plugging it in to tv. I dont really like the connector.

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Does the TV have a gaming mode?  Because if it is trying to preprocess the image it could be delaying what is displayed. Of course that also means your games don't react when you press the joystick either, so that ought to be noticeable.


Well, if the TV is working for you, then I wouldn't worry about signal lock or loss time.

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