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Linking 3rd party TI tech and software -- Your solution(s) or dreams

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In recent years there have been some awesome combinations of hardware and software that have shaken the very foundations of our TI community and sent us enthusiasts rocketing off in new directions.  For instance The F18A's extra abilities, and soon the F18A Mk II will further open new and exciting options for us.  The TIPI blasted us into a new orbit with inexpensive mass storage, Wifi and other capabilities.  The FinalGROM changed the way in which many people use their TI's and even encouraged more people to enter the community relatively inexpensively. 


By themselves, each and every one of the above listed gadgets is great, combined, WOW!  Now with all this tech and ability to store more, use more, access more, I thought what software if combined could give us - average users - a whole new way to easily exploit all these goodies on our own.  Imagine if a cartridge image for the FinalGROM could be made that combined Extended BASIC with something like TX80 and The Missing Link.  I'm imaging something like that loadable with Force Command DOS.


I'm sure many of you have ideas for combinations that might change the landscape if available for all to use.  Don't be shy, spill...

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