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Writing ATX files with a Speedy drive ITS POSSIBLE

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Apparently it is possible to write some ATX files with the Mini Speedy, I have done it, in order to do this before you boot up with MYCopier 2.1 , the one that says US Doubler, you must enable all of the check marks in disk emulation, then turn on the Happy drive window. Then because you have the emulated drives enabled as Happy drives , your Speedy becomes a Happy drive , dont ask me how but it just does, you cannot use Happy software as the two are different, but you can write your disk in Happy mode, whether its because the disk in question is not all that protected or it somehow copies it. I have copied maybe 4 disks that are atx, and they work, I will get a list later on, but this will do until someone writes a proper program for writing atx programs for the Mini Speedy. Russ


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Yes, there are a number of copier programs that can write ATX files to real drives, using Mini Speedy, Happy drives and any number of other enhancements. Most of this stuff was figured out years or decades ago by dedicated crackers and pirate clubs. Even the Happy Warp software of the mid-80’s could copy many copy-protected disks and make duplicates. Some of those could be used in un-Happy drives, some required a Happy board or clone in order to boot ... results varied. 


Unfortunately, not all ATX files are identical since copy protection techniques varied a lot among disk publishers and over time, and not all disk drive enhancement boards can do the same things. And even more, there are disk protection techniques that simply cannot be replicated by any drive enhancement board using vintage Atari drive mechanisms. You need a modern computer, a Kryoflux or SuperCard Pro interface and a much newer “dumb” PC 5.25” drive mechanism to write out the flux images or ATX files of these disks to a physical floppy.


This topic isn’t really RespeQt specific though. Yes, the 4.3 branch of RespeQt can emulate Happy or Archiver drives, but disk copying and writing is a much more general topic than that. 



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