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John Saeger

z26 4.x

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On 8/7/2019 at 4:08 AM, fluxit said:

I had to manually create ~/.local/share/icons before z26 would create its menu entry.

OK, I guess I need to see if the directory is there first and create it if necessary. Thanks!

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On 4.06 now. Fixed some bugs including desktop integration if directories are missing. We now do automatic detection of ROMS using signatures. I guess I got tired of renaming sokoban binaries. ;-)


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We're on 4.07 now. Tunable palettes! :)


We now have wide dynamic range, tunable palettes for NTSC and PAL video. We are now emulating the color tuning controls that are found inside the Atari 2600. So just like owners of real hardware can experiment with different color tunings, users of z26 can also experiment with different color tunings. By default we set the NTSC phase shift to 26.2 degrees and the PAL phase shift to 21.5 degrees which are good matches to the original z26 palettes.


Brightness and “warmth” controls. The warmth control allows better matching to vintage CRT TV sets from the 1980s which had a little more red and maybe a little less blue than “modern” CRT TV sets from the 1990s or early 2000s.


The original z26 palettes have been retained as custom options, and since our tunable color model was inspired by mame 0.212, we also include the mame palettes as custom options.


The palette selection and these new options may be found in the video menu.

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@John Saeger, heads-up on a bug in Z26; obscure in bankswitch 3E.  See the Sokoboo thread for full explanation.

In short, RTS must access following byte to be correct. I found an instance with RTS at end of a bank (i.e., $F3FF), where the (dummy) access to the following byte ($f400) triggers a write to RAM on hardware - but not in Z26. It's not desired behaviour (the write), but it is CORRECT behaviour. 

Edited by Andrew Davie
fixed an error in explanation

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