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Mike Harris

Coleco Movable Objects

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Bit of a quandary here...So now it comes to THE BRIDGE!


I changed the title because it doesn't attract the right attention.



In my Adventure clone I am stuck on one of the most ordinary objects in the game namely the Bridge.

Mind you it's not the moving through objects, that was the easiest things to solve just by turning off the boundary check.

My issue is with the size of the bridge.

I have two choices, a) is to leave the bridge thin and just say hey, it's Coleco's limitation or b) make one using the pattern system.
I understand they are slower and what not but I wanted to at least try but using the movable object system is almost non existent in the programing documentation outside of the description.

I know I used it in SmartBasic with Shape Tables if my memory is correct, hell I don't even know if they were Shape Tables or that was just a feature of SB, no idea what was actually under the hood at a programing level.

All that said can anyone give an example of setup and execute even if it is very brief.

This would be a tremendous help otherwise I am going to do a third option that I cringe which is chain sprites together.  This will work but limits to what I can do on screen being 4 sprites per line.


A few more things and then it is bugs and polishing then release.

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