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ColecoVision/ADAM/Phoenix controller cable length - your dream length?

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So back in the day, we as little childrens, sat on the floor, 2 feet from our TVs, with our game consoles at our knees, and the length of the controller cable didn't make any difference.  Now that some of us are a tad older and perhaps a might heavier, that's not how we game.  Our consoles are up near the TV and we sit some distance away in comfortable La-Z-Boy recliners and the likes.  So that being said, at your house/apartment/shack what length of controller cord would you want for the setup you have in your gaming area.  For proper cord length I'm assuming the controller cable isn't forming a tight-rope between you and your console, it's laying along the floor and you have some extra slack near your person.  So ballpark it (or measure it when you get home), assume its starting from where you have (or would have) your console whats the distance:


a) from the controller port straight down to the floor

b) from where the cord contacts the floor from step (a) above, to where it contacts the floor at your seat from step (c) below

c) from the ground near your feet up to your "lap" area where most hold their controllers during gameplay

d) plus add 2-4 feet for exuberant gameplay


For my game area, 2nd bedroom of the house which is 12' x 12', controller lengths of 8' will still suspend in the air, 10' is decent, and 12' gives me the little extra I'm comfortable with.  Understand that in this 12' x 12' room my consoles are on shelves with their faces/controller ports approximately 2' in toward the room, then the La-Z-Boys obviously sit a little off the wall, which is why I don't need a >16' cable.  


I'm trying to get an idea of what people would like to have on their ColecoVision/ADAM/Phoenix controllers for any new ones that I make up vs. just using hacked Genesis 6 footers.  I finally sourced a great 9-wire cable that can be used for controller cabling, and was wondering, on the whole, what people today would like to have on their new controllers.  

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Looks like 12' may be good enough for most. The cable is around $0.59 - $1.25 per foot (depending on what size spool I would buy), even at the expensive price, 2-4 extra feet isn't really that much more money.  And it isn't any more labor, as both ends need to be dressed/connected no matter the length.  

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