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Halo 2600 poster

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Hello there! I'm posting a new thread rather than necroing a very old one, and that is to ask if the Halo 2600 source code poster by Bryan O. is still available in some form. I only just heard about it through a Metal Jesus Rocks video, and after quite a bit of Googling, I thought I'd better take the plunge and just ask.


Apparently there was a full-size PDF which could be downloaded, but I couldn't find a link anywhere. That's all I need, as I can get it printed without any trouble.


Any information that could be provided would be of great interest.


Many thanks,


Joseph :-)

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Good luck.  I’ve been after one myself for years.  I’ve yet to see one come up for sale.  This has become my holy grail.


 <Edit> I hadn’t heard of the full size PDF.

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