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Neon Genesis Evangelion, Apple II edition!

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Hello all!


I thought I would post a project I've been working on.  It's a small animated thing that pays homage to Hideaki Anno's anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.  I was a bit chuffed to learn that they dropped the Frank Sinatra song from the end credits, so I decided to make my own rendition on the Apple II.  😀 


Requires:  Apple II Plus or higher, 64KB of RAM (as it runs under ProDOS only).


Real hardware tested on:  Apple //e (64kB early, with 6502), Apple //e Enhanced (128KB w/ 65c02).  It should work on the rest, though I'd love to hear your experiences!


Location to download (including source code):  Evangelion A.2


You can watch what it does in this video recording (made with AppleWin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4U1Gg--7JU

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Thanks!  I wasn't happy with the current HGR/DHGR converters out there, I wanted something which did a direct pixel-level conversion of artwork so I wrote a Python program to do that.


Currently it can do HGR and DHGR, though no lo-res modes as of yet.  It'll try to help me find color-clash problems by outputting an error file which pixels color-coded on what the converter found wrong (mixing group1/group2 in same 7 pixel span, byte-straddling pixels of the appropriate group, etc).  It's not perfect but it works fairly well.

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