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High Score save to Memory Track and Cartridge Save chip

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OK. So I know there is a tutorial for high scores already readily available to look at but my thing is a little bit different. For Saucer Wars there will be a single High Score. Its a single value that is displayed at Game Over and on the main menu.

It works so simple, like so:


IF score>highscore THEN




then the highscore is printed in those 2 areas of the game.


No high score lists with initials or anything fancy like that. The only other game I can think of that has a high score that works like this is downfall.


You will also be able to perform a "highscore reset" on the main menu by pressing # on the player 2 controller. This will set the value back to 0.


What I want to know is, how exactly would I store this highscore data to the save chip? Whats the code for that? I haven't seen that mentioned before. Also is it possible to do the same thing with the CD Memory track for the JagCD version? I have NEVER seen any Memory Track stuff for RB+, but I would think it seems to be a simple enough function. It's just 1 little number.


has anyone asked these questions before?

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OK So I found what you are talking about HERE. I see how one would save and even resort on a memory track. But what about the cartridge save chip? If it's calling for MT I am assuming that is ONLY the memory track and not the onboard save chip on the cart PCB. Or are they the same in that regard? And again, I don't want a high score table, just one high score value, does that matter?


What I wanted to do was just save the DIM value I already had labeled "highscore". And then manually reset it back to zero if the user chooses to do so.

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A couple of things to consider:


- You probably don't need all the complexity of raptor if you just plan to use a single score.

- Check out the advanced scores example (https://github.com/ggnkua/bcx-basic-Jaguar/blob/master/projects/scoresadvanced/scoresadvanced.bas) to get some ideas.

- There are procedures to read and write from and to eeprom (powaeeprom) and MT (raptor_mt_save). 

- MT data is automatically loaded if MT present and a file is present on it.

- Don't forget to set RAPTOR_MT_app_name and RAPTOR_MT_file_name in rapinit.s of your project to something unique to avoid overwriting other stuff

- I haven't tested this, but I think for your case you can simply read/write your highscore to the first 4 bytes of the highscore memory area, something like highscoreBoard[0]=123456789. Check https://github.com/ggnkua/bcx-basic-Jaguar/blob/master/projects/scoresadvanced/scoresadvanced.bas#L72 for more info.

- In general just read that file and its comments, it should walk you through all the important details :)

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